Friday, October 28, 2016

Plus Sizes!

For those you who don't know......

Along with my regular LuLaRoe VIP Group
LuLaRoe Megan Tracy I ALSO run a page for exclusively PLUS SIZES!!!! Sizes Large-3x are posted every Friday night! Here's the link if you're interested!

The Tall and Curvy Rockstars

I had the opportunity to listen to one of LuLaRoe's training calls this week by  Patrick, LuLaRoe's Design/development/production guy-
He was explaining the process of making the clothing in various sizes, including plus size. (Don't quote me, just how I remember!) He said in other companies they start with medium and make the garment to fit a medium. And from that skew they add or take away inches to make bigger or smaller sizes. (Doesn't that totally explain how all plus tops are these mis-shapen short fat squares?!) NOT LULAROE. Each size is designed for a WOMAN on a WOMAN of THAT SIZE. That's why they're clothing fits better! He has a passion for providing women with fashionable well fitted clothing and for making them feel beautiful and it comes across in the work he does! I wish more companies were like this.

I also found that LuLaRoe will be putting out reversible garments in 2017! How exciting!

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