Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I've been on the hunt for the perfect Carly since they came out! Everyone's orders seem to have been delayed and those I know on my team who did get them in hadn't gotten any in 2 or 3x. As for myself, every time I make an inventory order and spend all of my money on all sorts of other LuLa goods for my group. then Carly's pop-up suddenly in stock! I keep telling myself to hold off and just save my money, but I really want to have new inventory every week and not knowing when they'll be up.. you see the dilemma!
I wasn't sure how the Carly would fit, I struggled some with it being shorter in the front due to my height (i'm 5'10") So I paired it with some heathered blue leggings! I'm loving the Carly!

I had a customer come shop with me this week who had a Carly she wanted to return to me for store credit! It was such a beautiful pattern and fit me perfectly! I'm such a sucker for a FLORAL! So I ended up oweing my shopper money in the end LOL! 

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My First Amelia Dress

I had wanted to try an Amelia dress since I was first introduced to LuLaRoe, but I was worried about sizing. I tried one on at my sponsors house before I joined LuLaRoe myself and it was too small. I was heart broken! All I'd wanted was to wear the beautiful dress with the pockets! Well guess what happened?! LuLaRoe came through for the curvy gals once again and started offering them in 3x as well! I finally got my own Amelia when I got my first order of inventory. Turns out, I didn't even need a 3X LOL. I chose a purple one with a black vertical striped pattern. Purple is my favorite color and the pattern, being vertical helps the eyes go up and down making me look slimmer (I hope.) 
Don't mind that it was a little static-y and stuck to my legs!  

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"The WALL" of Rigby

There's this delicious candy store in Rigby Idaho called the Caramel Tree. They sell amazing caramel apples and cake pops among other things. ( You HAVE to try the apple pie caramel apple and the red velvet cake pop! SO GOOD). Anyway, sorry sidetracked by food-dreams, there's a brick wall that someone painted a gorgeous swirly spiral mural on, right where brick is peeking through parts of a plaster it was covered with at one point, its created this gorgeous illusion! Since Rigby is a small town every senior has a photo taken there,  at "The Wall" but hey I'm not a high school senior so I can take my LuLa pics whereevers the heck I WANTS!







A LuLaRoe Amelia dress paired with mustard leggings

LuLaRoe cassie skirt and randy t pattern mix!

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Summer Photo Shoot- The Buttery Irma

My sweet sister is my most favorite model, she's beautiful and I love styling outfits for her! I got an amazing Irma in my recent shipment, not only is the print on point but its BUTTERY JUST LIKE LEGGINGS! And I paired it with solid leggings so it's just this outfit full of buttery goodness!

I really love printed LuLaRoe tops with solid leggings! I like how much the cobalt blue leggings bring out the blue in the Irma even tho they aren't exactly the same shade, which would be you know.. too "matchy matchy." I really wish this top were my size, I would have kept it for sure!

This outfit is still available check out my page!

LuLaRoe Photo Shoot- Irma and Cassie

I had some GORGEOUS cousins in town a couple of weekends ago for a Family Reunion and snagged the opportunity to photograph them in some LuLaRoe! Check it out!

I LOVE the Irma, it's one of my favorite tops, right up there with the Perfect T. I carry weight in my middle and have smaller hips so I like it being more roomy through the mid section, and I love that its a high low and covers my *ahem* assets. :')

I paired this adorable plaid striped black cassie with this bright irma, and my cousin picked some awesome shoes to go with, she's got style!

4th of July LuLaStyle

You may not know this about us but my husband served in the Army, the 4th of July has held an even more special place in my heart since his service. He was deployed during our sons first 4th of July together and it was a good experience for me, I reflected more deeply on the sacrifices others have made for our freedom.

This year we celebrated in LuLaStyle! We all wore LuLaRoe Randy's to the 4th of July Parade, Family BBQ and fireworks. Actually, my kids didn't last long enough for fireworks.. so we decided to shoot a few off in the neighboring parking lot, my 1 year old was was a little afraid of the loud fireworks and sat on my lap had had a lot to drink .. during our mini firework show I felt my leg get warm and heard the familiar splatter of liquid hitting asphalt LOL needless to say our firework show ended early!

The Randy runs a little snug, I wear a 3x but it needs to be a stretchier one! I love that LuLaRoe comes out with clothing just for the 4th of July, they are a very patriotic company and what a better example of living the American dream?! 

I still have a few Americana leggings and Randy's left, join my page to check them out! 

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And yes, totally know I have lipstick on my teeth in this but my son tried to eat a rock, I had to share the pic! :'D


I joined this amazing company June 6 of 2016 and it has been a wild ride! LuLaRoe is a great opportunity that empowers women and strengthens families while helping to provide financial support freedom and stability. 

I am a mom of 2 children ages 3 and 1. I graduated with a BS in child development in 2010. My husband was in the army, is now a veteran and full time student. That guy works so hard! He's studying engineering and he works as well to help us pay the bills. I joined LuLaRoe to help our little family financially while my husband is in school and to stay home with my children. Our eldest has struggled with some developmental challenges, change is very difficult for him to process and I try to keep him on a schedule in the home to help him.

I also wanted something for myself outside of the role of wife and mother, I felt that I wasn't sharing all that I could and that I have a lot more light to offer. LuLaRoe believes that the more you have the more you can give, and I want to give more! It has already been such a blessing!

I'm 5'10" and a curvy gal, I've always struggled to find clothing that fit me and made me feel beautiful! Everything I bought shrank to being this short fat square after washing and I always ended up wearing layers and layers of clothing and was constantly pulling and tucking. I was always uncomfortable, hot, and couldn't wait to get back in pj's when I got home. Not to mention that most clothing my size looks like it was made for my grandma!

Enter LuLaRoe.

I was first introduced to LuLaRoe in the Fall of 2014 while pregnant with our second. I was invited to a pop up party where I got to try on some of the styles! I purchased a maxi for myself and my mom and a pair of TC leggings. I started buying about an item a month after I had our second son, as well as followed friends who had joined the company. Finding LuLaRoe was a huge deal for me! I suddenly could purchase clothing was long enough, big enough, in fun flattering styles that didn't require me to wear multiple layers to feel comfortable in. I had watched those friends businesses earn them real money over night and I was hooked! I sent in my paper work in March, 2016 and got on their waiting list. (That's right! I was in the queue for 12 weeks!)

I'm not lying when I say these clothes have changed me. I can't tell you how much confidence it's brought me to feel more comfortable in my own skin! I needed something different, these clothes are cute, comfortable, trendy and affordable! 
My Mission 
*To provide for my family! 
*To serve others! 
*To accomplish goals! 
*To build something!
*To help other women feel beautiful!
*To help other women provide for their financial needs!
*To make more so I can give more!

If you want to join my team or have any questions about the business please email me 

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LuLaRoe Megan Tracy  

Sunday Funday Outfit!

On Sunday I decided I'd pick something super fun to feature for my group, I chose an Amelia, because:

2) It's Sunday, a dress seemed appropriate! 

I love the Amelia dress, and its hard sometimes not to snatch up every fun print that crosses my path in my size! On this particular Sunday I had "Sunday Funday" on the brain and decided to go for something super fun and colorful! 

I'm 5'10" this is a 3x Amelia and I like to wear them with TC leggings for a little more coverage because of my height. I had cobalt blue, cherry red and a sea foam green leggings that would all match perfectly but I went with the red! Such a fun colorful outfit for Sunday Funday! 

This dress is still available as are many other gorgeous fun Amelia's here's my shopping page link to check it out! 

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