Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I've been on the hunt for the perfect Carly since they came out! Everyone's orders seem to have been delayed and those I know on my team who did get them in hadn't gotten any in 2 or 3x. As for myself, every time I make an inventory order and spend all of my money on all sorts of other LuLa goods for my group. then Carly's pop-up suddenly in stock! I keep telling myself to hold off and just save my money, but I really want to have new inventory every week and not knowing when they'll be up.. you see the dilemma!
I wasn't sure how the Carly would fit, I struggled some with it being shorter in the front due to my height (i'm 5'10") So I paired it with some heathered blue leggings! I'm loving the Carly!

I had a customer come shop with me this week who had a Carly she wanted to return to me for store credit! It was such a beautiful pattern and fit me perfectly! I'm such a sucker for a FLORAL! So I ended up oweing my shopper money in the end LOL! 

For more amazing photographs like this gem - 

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