Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My First Amelia Dress

I had wanted to try an Amelia dress since I was first introduced to LuLaRoe, but I was worried about sizing. I tried one on at my sponsors house before I joined LuLaRoe myself and it was too small. I was heart broken! All I'd wanted was to wear the beautiful dress with the pockets! Well guess what happened?! LuLaRoe came through for the curvy gals once again and started offering them in 3x as well! I finally got my own Amelia when I got my first order of inventory. Turns out, I didn't even need a 3X LOL. I chose a purple one with a black vertical striped pattern. Purple is my favorite color and the pattern, being vertical helps the eyes go up and down making me look slimmer (I hope.) 
Don't mind that it was a little static-y and stuck to my legs!  

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