Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Amazing Unicorn Irma

If you're at all involved in LuLaRoe culture you've heard the term "unicorn" thrown around plenty. In "LuLaWorld" A unicorn is a very sought after print for an individual. It might have some special meaning to the individual, or they may just think it's friggen' adorable and will offer to sell organs or pay outrageous amounts of money for said "unicorn." Needless to say.. things can get a little CRAZY!!!

I keep making this mistake of not going through my boxes BEFORE I have an "opening the box sneak peek" live video for my customers.... then I get amazing  "unicorn" items and have already shown them to my customers.. so I don't feel like its even an option to keep the item! LOL! This happened recently with the oh so amazing, so beautiful, so elusive ...



I showed my group the bow Irma  during a box opening sneak peek and let me tell you the struggle was REAL not to delete the sneak peek video and run and hide that Irma in the back of my closet! After all, that's why I became a consultant right? First dibs?! I had people messaging me, begging for this Irma or asking when it would be for sale. I tried it on myself and found it to be a little snug, ( but definitely still wearable!) I decided I had to let me awesome customers have it.

So I took one epic pic and then did a raffle to purchase the Irma, so many people wanted it I wanted everyone to have a fair shot, and I had over 200 people enter the raffle! Here's my epic pic of her, I miss her so... 

I paired her with a joy vest and black leggings!

For more amazing unicorn items and outfits from me come check out my page! 

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